Eco-camp “KazGeo”


Kazakh Geographic Society and a famous Kazakh alpinist Maksut Zhumabayev present a new project aimed to develop children tourism and bring up strong and active youth of the nation.


Young Travellers Camp is a perfect place away from urban settings, where kids socialise with each other and interact with nature of their own country.

The camp will help young travellers to get useful skills in socialising, living in unusual conditions away from civilization and interacting with nature without disturbing its balance.

(Route) Location – Based in the International Ski-Resort Shymbulak


During one camp season only 4 age-based groups limited to 20 children in each are allowed. Kids are aged from 8 to 16. A medical certificate of good health is required.

A full highly-qualified staff of counsellors, health workers, trainers work around the clock. All the staff is equipped with radio sets.

The camp is equipped with modern, eco-friendly facilities.

2 person accommodate in a quadruple double skin tent.

Camp bed, sleeping pad, sleeping bag with cotton liner, folding stool are present in the tents. The tents are covered with military nets to provide additional comfort.

There are benches and hammocks in the camp area, and also a Hangar for camp events.

2 Yamaha quad bikes are available in the camp.

Five meals daily in “Terassa” restaurant in Shymbulak ski-resort.

To get the insurance policy following is required:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. One of the parents ID.


Fee: 45000 KZT. Insurance policy is included.


For more details call 8 (727) 329-77-92