Alpinists Return22.08

Friends! We are happy to congratulate our alpinists! KazGeo technical alpinism expedition team returned home! In July the team started conquering difficult routes of Central Tien-Sian.

Expedition goes on06.08

While the whole world is watching our Olympic Team winning gold one after one, in Tien-Sian mounts KazGeo technical alpinism team continues its expedition. We’ve just got fresh news and photos:

KazGeo Team Passed the First Routes in Ala-Archa and Participated in Rescuing Operations23.07

Last week KazGeo technical climbing team started summits in mountain region Ala-Archa (Kirghizia). Prior to start their routes guys passed tests on climbing methods and rescuing operations. The team has already passed two routes – 3B to Researcher (Izyskatel) peak (4400) and 5А Shvaba route to Baychechekey peak (4515).

Climbers Go to the Central Tien-Shan05.07

On July 9 a unique expedition starts from Almaty to Central Tien-Shan. A team of climbers from th e Kazakh Geographical Society will pass a lot of extremely hard routes. On the eve a press conference devoted to this event took place at Battler discussion club.

Pioneer Summit04.07

We have already written that KazGeo technical climbing team took efforts to climb the Pioneer peak, but has cancelled its summit due to weather conditions. This small video slot shot by the team members tells how it has happened.

KazGeo at Fourthousander28.06

Last weekend a member of KazGeo technical climbing team, Yury Dorokhov, in charge of scientific program, among three climbers, performed a training summit to a peak of 28 guardsmen-Panphilovtsy (4120) in Tuyuk-su area.

Gym Trainings (video)22.06

Today our report will provide three small video slots about trainings of climbers. The present alpinist-climber should be able to creep on the ceiling not worse than Spiderman

Storm Warning20.06

Technical climbing team of the Kazakh Geographical Society regularly has trainings not only on week-days, but on weekends as well. Despite of the storm warning, the preceding days were not an exception.

Another Route at Oktyabryonok14.06

This Sunday, on June 10, KazGeo technical climbing team has had one more training on the Central bastion of Oktyabryonok peak, having passed a route of 4А complexity.

KazGeo Technical Mountaineering Team01.06

KazGeo Technical Mountaineering team continues trainings by conquering routes of different complexity categories. We’ve made a small photo-report on it. Just have a look how difficult and beautiful it is.

KazGeo Technical Climbing Team01.06

KazGeo technical climbing team keeps trainings, summiting routes of various complexity. We offer you a small picture report. Just look how difficult and beautiful it its

Alpinists on bikes28.05

Mountaineers must be remarkably endurance and be able to bear stress under the lack of oxygen conditions. This is the reason why many alpinists use mountain biking as an additional training.

Anarchists in alpinists Hands22.05

Mountaineering is impossible without quality equipment. Successful mounting and even sportsmen life depend on strength, flexibility and safeness of mountaineering equipment. That’s why “friend” is the name for any kind of camming device.

Training in the Oktyabrenok Peak15.05

Here is a small photo-report about how the KazGeo team training is going.

“To the limits of safety” project started14.05

The KazGeo technical mountaineering team expedition to Central Tian-Shan have started the project “To the limits of safety”.