Message from the heart of Asia

During summer 2012 two continents heard the name of Kazakhstan. While Kazakh team was collecting gold in London Olympics, on the other part of the world in Los-Angeles started the second festival “Kazakhstan: Film kaleidoscope”. On the 3-rd of August Kazakh movie venue opened at the Directors Guild of America, where a special attention paid to newly shot movies and young directors works.

You appreciate the significance of the moment when you see the famous “Hollywood” sign and the Kazakh posters on the streets around the Directors Guild.

As in the last year, the festival stirred noticeable interest of the Hollywood public.

Not only music joined the film programme this year, two exhibits were also exposed. Mentai Utepbergenov’s movie posters collection added nostalgic edge to the Kazakh movie history. Antique Kazakh jewel exhibition attracted special attention of Hollywood fashion fans.

Hosts of the opening day were Gaukhar Nurtas the festival executive and famous Hollywood actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who starred in a great number of movies including “The Last Emperor”, “Memoirs of a Geisha”, “Mortal Combat”, “Pearl Harbor”.

Gaukhar declared that she had  a dream to show West a wealth of culture and history of Kazakhstan and with the festival her dream turned into reality. 

Cary highlighted how deep the Asian mentality is and a special role of the Central Asia, where at all times ways of West and East, North and South merged and where the clearest understanding of ways to the world’s harmony.
Producer Steven-Charles Jaffe in his speech explained why he became the Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in Los-Angeles and promised many surprises in the festival’s programme. Representative of the RK embassy in USA Dastan Eleukenov read out the appeal of the diplomatic mission, which is leaded by Erlan Idrisov who took an active part in preparing the festival

Naizabek Olzhabaiuly (KazGeo, the main partner) noted that while Kazakh sportsmen fill up the gold reserve of the Olympic Team, two other Kazakhs, Gaukhar Nurtas and Zarina Mamyrkulova, host the opening of the most challenging Kazakh movie venue, which is on at the world’s movie capital.

During the opening was shown “108”, directed by Vasiliy Mozzhukhin, about first Kazakh expedition to the South Pole. The expedition  was leaded by Nurlan Abduov, KazGeo executive, who actively supported the festival. KazGeo conquers not only geographic peaks, but also world’s cultural ones.

Some of the guests immediately found out the details of this extreme journey from KazGeo members Roman Geonov and Naizabek Olzhabaiuly.

The performed music presented a specific journey to the past and the present of the Kazakh folk. Erjan Issin using his super modern electric dombra with the help of ancient melodies took the public to a dynamic trip through the Great Steppe which shrines traditions, but heads to the future. Lyailya Tazhibayeva and Aigul Auzhanova “Inzhu-Marzhan” band’s leaders showed that Kazakh folklore is mixable with modern rhythms.

World boxing champion Daisy Lang could be seen at the lobby of the Directors Guild.

Some of the guests came from other US cities, including New York.

During this day it became clear that our people are about to feel homey in Hollywood. The atmosphere is also made by directors who took part in the festival – Eken Yalgashev and Ermek Shinarbayev.

– Director of “Letters to an Angel” (Producer Gulnara Sarsenova) and Yulia Tikhonova (“We’ll See Tomorrow”)

“Conversation Through the Steppe” by Armanda Assante and Erken Yalgashev closed the first festival day. This work, dedicated to the World Religions Forum in Astana, delivered one of the most important ideas of Kazakhstan – world can be better, if people will learn to understand each other. The same idea fully fits the festival “Kazakhstan: Film Kaleidoscope”