Scientific agenda of the expedition

Scientific agenda of the Kazakh Geographic Society expedition to the South Pole

Estimated activities:

  1. Meteorological observation on a route to the South Pole. Wind speed and vector, air temperature, humidity, air pressure and other measurements are to be made in six base locations.
  2. Ecological study of snow and ice cover and airshed state, collecting ice, snow, air samples for further study in laboratory conditions.
  3. Geodetic survey in lengthwise section of snow and ice cover on a route “Novolazarevskaya station – South Pole” (for the first time)
  4. Land ice depth identification
  5. Radiation background measurement
  6. Knowing life sustainment conditions in operating polar stations
  7. Cooperating with Russian research scientists in Novolazarevskaya station. Researching an ecological state of Antarctic shelf zones, collecting photo-video data.
  8. Collecting data for comparison analysis of climate changes during 1911-2011
  9. Reconnaissance operations and preparing a proposition for arranging a Kazakh science station in Antarctica.
  10. Survey and prepare required information to study the possibility of Kazakhstan joining The Antarctic Treaty. 

General expected activities results:

  1. Collecting research records of meteo-climate, ecological and other Antarctic data.
  2. Collecting photo-video data
  3. Proposal to the RK Government regarding founding Kazakh science hydrometeorological station in Antarctica.
  4. Publishing and illustrated album about Kazakhs working in different times in Antarctica.

Set a sport result in conquering South Pole by automobiles (for the first time). Already done.