Novolazarevskaya Station

The expedition will start from Novolazarevskaya station which was set up by Vladislav Gerbovitch in 19 January 1961.

Northerly from the station a shelf ice lies and ends in a Leningradsky ice dome. From southward an inland ice flank appears which is 1000 m height already from 50 km distance. The station is located in the eastern part of Schirmacher Oasis on the Queen Maud Land cost around 80 km from the Lazarev Sea.

The oasis climate with a continental prepotency formes at low temperatures and, mainly, solar radiation intensity has its big impact on it. Average annual temperature in the station area is -11°С, minimum -41°С, maximum +9,9°С.

Polar night (day) lasts for about 2 months.