Meet us!


December 26 (tomorrow) at 06.45 am, arriving at the airport of Astana Kazakhstan expedition participants first to the South Pole! Antarctic explorers encounter! We are waiting for you, guys! Pass this message to all your friends, especially those in Astana! Thank you for your support.


And here is the aircraft that we've been waiting for Novolazarevskaya. Is loaded. Flight to Cape Town at 04:00 Astana time on December 24.


Inside, everything is the same as during our flight to Antarctica ...


Only now in the cabin of the flag of Kazakhstan. Now he will be here always.


In flight, gave apples, crackers and chocolates


That's Cape Town. Weather whispers 23. After Antarctica unrealistic heat.


We are already waiting for dinner

And the musical greetings


That airport is Cape Town. We fly to Abu Dhabi, and then to Astana.

Only our doctor and a videographer Mozzhukhin Basil leaves for Moscow - it is waiting for work on a film about our expedition, which will be released in February.


And we went home ...


Meet us in Astana on December 26! In the morning, at 06.45 am, we will again in the homeland.

Thank you for all this time you kept us warm words, your support is very well felt in the distance.

Our journey is complete, but this is not the last trip KazGeo.

Watch direct reports from route: