How to have fun in Antarctica

Waiting for flight to Cape Town, we rest, as we can. By the way, we have for you is another surprise. Stamp collectors all over the world swooped! Bon appetite! Kazakhstan marks from the South Pole. Very expensive :-)

Stamps extinguished on December 16 in the car, on the route of Antarctic blizzards.

And this is stamped envelope to the station "Amundsen-Scott." Stamps were then not yet settled.

And while the aircraft with a large land not play in asyk. The first Antarctic championship Kazakh asyk! Who will win - that first comes to a plane :-)))

12 pieces. All of the rules. Sychkov marker painted :-) Kazakhs in Antarctica shorter. Place your bets ladies and gentlemen!

This Antarctic police. Uncle Volodya as a tough cop.

We flew home to accompany our friend - Skua Yasha.

These are pieces of quartz lying around underfoot at the Oasis.

And here you have a picture to mood - potatoes with butter.

Wait for us. Put on the table. We will soon arrive!

Watch direct reports from route: