While waiting for the flight home

4600 kilometers of the desert was a white flag of Kazakhstan on the white continent!

KazGeo sleeps 2 days in a row. We were placed in the Schirmacher Oasis. Novoloazarevskaya station in front of us. Here resort -5. At the airport blizzard sweeps, and so flight postponed to December 23.

Deal with your luggage, what to bring and what to leave. Our grocery NC now takes its place in the warehouse at Uncle Volodya. Typically any expedition - the remaining products have to leave for the next traveler.

In the evening will be disco - DJ equipment ready!

Miss home very much want to hug loved ones and friends. Listen to native music. Sings the Music Art, Music Korazbaeva, and the words of our President! Our country is our best people are the best! It's all there in 1000 degrees. And the South Pole is no barrier! We can all, when we are together! Go, Kazakhstan!

Watch direct reports from route: