Mountains, champagne and malakhai for Uncle Volodya

Previous our report was short - all are tired and do not have the strength to spread the pictures and write something. Today, when we have a little rest and came to myself, tell you about how we were the last segment of the path through the mountains, and about how we were met at the camp at Novolazarevskaya.

On the last day we could get a little less than 200 miles, very little, except that the last obstacle between us and the station were the mountains.

The mountains were very carefully - cracks everywhere. Gape a little, and all have arrived.

The closer Novolazarevskaya - the better the weather. A little stop before the last cup of tea with a jerk. And again in advance. Up NEW 45 kilometers.

And here is an airfield on the horizon! Hooray!

Champagne Do not sprays in Antarctica! It’s just a drink :-) Thanks to Andrew Muller for such a meeting.

Remember our hotel before departure? Here it is, right, with our logo on the door. And we're standing on a snowy dunes Snow depth 10 meters, so covered with snow base. Such weather is not seen the last 10 years - 15.

Things left, short breaks - and then on a visit to Uncle Volodya. Bath is waiting. As a gift from the most distinguished citizen of the expedition in Antarctica - Kazakh malakhai. Now, the cold and the wind is not terrible.

Malakhai and brandy "Kazakhstan" is now the most striking exhibits of the Museum of the Antarctic Uncle Volodya. Let guests from around the world admire.

And we're going home. I hope everything will be fine, and soon we will be in a warm Almaty.

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