Antarctic refueling

Our cars trip would have been impossible without the possibility of fuel to fill the car on the route - it's clear even to children. Therefore, along the route of the expedition were created fueling. On them we talked briefly, and even photographed:


How were these items? All seemingly simple: drums of fuel were dumped from an airplane in certain places. In fact, such discharges - a very difficult job that requires the pilots of accuracy and professionalism. Plus, do not forget, this is Antarctica, and flight conditions are not the most greenhouses.

Today we want to tell you about the crew of IL 76, which dumped fuel for our expedition, and to show how this operation took place.

Hero of Russia captain Ruben Yesayan, 42 years of flight

Co-pilot: Vladimir Rakhmanov

Puhkov Eugene G. - co-driver

Ostrynsky Leonid - Flight Engineer

This take-off with such a heavy weight on the airfield Novolazarevskaya was not.

Takeoff flight with the fuel to discharge, which enjoyed our expedition, took almost the entire runway.

And here is so beautiful flew and landed barrels of fuel:

Once again I want to thank all those who helped us in this expedition, to all who supported us along the way. Without your help and support we would be very difficult to achieve. Thank you!

Special thanks to Valentin Plyachenko for the photos.

Watch direct reports from route: