Chronicle of returning. 17’Th of December.

Today’s report - just the chronicle of our movement. Time for a lengthy description is not, and strength enough left, too. Antarctic blizzard - obstruction of the lungs.

December 17, morning. The rate dropped to 2km/chas. Snow on the knee. How long will it - is unknown. At 360 degrees the sky and the snow a white wall.

December 17th, the day. Go 5 miles / hour, the weather forecast from December 17 09:00 UTC to 00:00 UTC 18 December the wind of 25 m / s gusts up to 30 m / sec, type is less than 500 m, a blizzard, snow, clouds of the lower tier of less than 300 m , the weather is stormy. It's all viewed from 80 latitude to 70 latitude. Just along our route.


Once again, the car sank. Let's dig.

Weather has deteriorated. Move almost impossible. More snow and loose fresh. From the day we go without starting the camps. Shifts sleeping in cars. All the forces at the end. It was decided to stop and sleep for 2-3 hours. Please look at the forecast in the internet latitude 76 - 70. The exact coordinates of S76'05 .232 E011'52 .781. Write on the wall in Facebook or comments. We internet very slow to download works. Thank you.

After 3 minutes after stopping. We hope to dig up in the morning.


Many thanks to John Semenov and Sergey Radionov of forecasts. We now 21:00 GMT on December 17. Let's wait for the morning. While all forecasts are the same. The situation has changed little. To all fans of huge hello. Car skidded. But in the heat. Plus you are helping us and your wishes. We then left a 588 km directly. As the visibility will be - just go.


That's covered with snow for 2 hours. In principle, an ordinary storm. What is in Kazakhstan in the region every winter. We are not the first. Good thing on wheels and the connection is. There were stories of people harder.

Started moving at 07:00 Astana time dekbrya 18, 2011. Hooray, we are broke, keep going!

Watch direct reports from route: