Happy holiday! We going though the snowstorm…

Dear friends! Congratulations on your 20th anniversary of the independence of our country! We wish all Kazakhstan's health, prosperity, peace and prosperity!


Now about our adventures. Finally, at the 80th latitude we have earned the Internet. Day we were out of communication, and, honestly, we are pleased that you are so worried about us. We have everything in order, except for the weather. Weather is still not the worst, but the snow and blizzards accompany us now more often.


Moving as quickly as possible - Antarctic cyclone ahead of difficult, but necessary.


The sun looks like a dot in the sky.


And this is - do not understand it: for us that someone is watching?


December 17 in the morning long dug out from under the snow. But the dream has passed.


Before Novolazarevskaya left 682 km as the crow flies.


That looks like this is our way: from the top snow, beneath the snow. Sometimes you have to literally go on instruments.


A transfer from Novolazarevskaya forecast: we have at the airport for the storm by storm. Yesterday the wind was 42 m \ sec. By evening, waiting for the next cyclone. Greetings from across the airfield group! We are waiting for you! Bath is heated. Tables will be covered for your arrival!

We are in a hurry!

Watch direct reports from route: