The Constitution, "Amundsen-Scott," and a way home ...

So we get home. I really wanted to celebrate the Independence of our country at the pole, but, unfortunately, the weather brought about changes in our schedule. Because of the impending cyclone Antarctic may be delayed flight aircraft with Novolazarevskaya, and there is a chance to stay here in Antarctica, until mid-January. Note feast on the road.

By the way, on the pole, but our National Flag, and visited another instance of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Upon his return, he will be returned to the museum.


Few will talk about what's on the pole.

Famous American station, "Amundsen-Scott" was founded in 1956-1957. U.S. Navy expedition of 18 men who landed here in October 1956 and for the first time in the history of the Antarctic winter spent there in 1957. Since climatic conditions not previously known, the base was built under the ice in order to overcome any weather conditions.


From a distance it resembles a fortress, but inside - the usual polar station with living quarters, research laboratories, life support systems. There is even a gift shop - shirts, jackets, caps, badges and all that.

By the way, to the South Pole and you can fly on an airplane - the station has its own airfield. But, you see, feel they would no longer be ...


And meanwhile we tidied in a makeshift camp ...


... Got together and went home.


We are now at 371 km from the Pole. We go at full speed, ahead of the weather.

Watch direct reports from route: