100 years from the opening of South Pole!

Today is the holiday in Antarctic - 100 years from the opening of South Pole! In 6 a.m by the time of Nerve (11 a.m by Astana and 18 p.m by Amendment-Scott) KazGeo take formal participation in the ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the conquest of the South Pole Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott. The official ceremony will take part, Prime Minister of Norway. The flags of Norway and the UK, we took with us. Great explorers of the Antarctic dedicated! Go, Kazakhstan!

Ours plan? All asked us about it:
14’Th of December. All day we are going to be in the South Pole. Later we go to bundle and fueling. 16’Th of December in 00:00 by the time of Astana (18:00 p.m by Greenwich) we are hoisted flags of Kazakhstan in the South Pole. Then KazGeo take the opposite course to the Novolazarevskaya. And then we are going bag to home. To the Kazakhstan.

Ordenbek Mazbaev and Berick Baimagambetov are happy of journey. The first scientists of Kazakhstan on the white continent. Along the way, taken 20 samples of snow. Made measurements of radiation and the composition of air. All scientific data will be transmitted to the world scientific community.

During the passage of 89 latitude, reaching the camp, and solving the problems by Sergei Bodrov and Constantine Orlov awarded badges KazGeo. Ahead of the South Pole, and special badges first Antarctic Kazakhstan Expedition.

And we note this event is a festive Kazakh beshbarmak! Kazi and zhaya in the South Pole! How do we brought that - the biggest secret of the expedition :-)

And we are going to the Pole! We are telling you about everything, which will be happened to us on the road.

Watch direct reports from route: