Today expedition from Kazakhstan arrived to the camp 20 kilometers away from South Pole! Congratulate all with arrival! Our coordinates: S 89'47.735 W 023'40.239 We reach that point though 7 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes! To the South Pole within reach!


Now - relax. The way was difficult and we all tired.

Two words about camp: there is a restaurant


Inside are very snag


In restaurant - own Antarctic rules:

There is a spa-salon. It is small but inside heart and doesn’t no blow.


Here is king’s kitchen, after our kitchen on the road:

We will prepare the chicken noodle soup.


And after the dinner - relax.

Thanks to all, who watch us in this way! Yours confirm are really help us! And yours good words warmed us in cold Antarctic!

Watch direct reports from route: