We latitude for 84! Gooooo!

At the pump is strongly delayed. We left at 23:47 Astana time December 10.

Here it is - Antarctica fuel depot. Each barrel of 200 liters of kerosene

Scientists at work. Berwick Baimagambetov.

The expedition no seniors, no juniors. Everyone is busy affair. Scientists gather tent.

Snow in front of the firebox. Soon the soup!

In Antarctica, microbes do not. But wash your hands before eating should be all the same!

And here is the first flat tire came on the Antarctic tire.

A little more. Just a little bit!

That's it. Done ...

... and set up! As new.

Our Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner. 3 in one at a time. Next perhaps to the Pole. The tastiest probably will.

The hot morning tea.

Our indefatigable physician and operator Basil Mozzhukhin made a square snowman.

All right, we go further.

On the glass tinting Antarctic. Save us from the sun is very strong.

Began tracts and sastrugs. In the photo they are along. And we're going across.

And here we are in 84 latitude! Gooooooo!