83 latitude, and halted again in the battle!

Halt after - planned repairs, etc. - the last before filling the last Pole to throw at the Antarctic fuel depot. Support us cheerful and kind words! And thank you for all that time with us!

Latitude 83!!

Again, we put our favorite orange tent.

All the lights out! Tomorrow the final offensive!

It is amazing. Garlic began to germinate. That is the nature. Is the Antarctic summer scents?

People often ask how to return will be, but this is still too early to say. The main thing to reach the Pole! Only two options to return - car or small plane. Let's look at the situation. Only 2 / 3 of the way passed. You never know what lies ahead. But thanks anyway for your concern. After all, if we are to December 21 at Novolazarevskaya not get - the next plane will take away our only January 14, 2012. Then the New Year meet in Antarctica!

Kazakhstan expedition camp collapses and leaves the 83 latitude. Prior to the South Pole about 800 kilometers. Martial mood!

Forward to Kazakhstan! Sergei Bodrov flag with 20 years of independence of our country. 83 latitude.