Frost, five days, three wheel lost, but we still we arrive!

After 77 latitude, the adventures of the expedition continued with a vengeance. Frost is now a real Antarctic, and it also adds a bunch of us problems.

Begin fueling. The temperature -45. Fuel hoses are fragile as plastic. The main thing is accuracy. Can not stand long - freeze tires and the end of the expedition. Then the snow will not pass the time.

We go into the mode of non stop now constantly. Next stop on the 83 latitude. There will replenish the supply of fuel in the fuel depot Antarctic.

Again, a flat tire. Rubber as a metal in the cold. Pump does not work. We'll have to put another spare tire. The result will be a spare tire to the Pole.

The disc has broken from the inside! In general, it is unclear why.

Broken wheel will soon take its place on the trailer.

And again, let's go. Wheel change. Again, go ahead!

Came a knock at the left front. He then had to be dismantled. South Pole does not let us!

The most terrible event today - to spin the front left brake caliper! He and selling CD! The reason is found, but lost a wheel.
Caliper is fixed. Wheel of pumps and drive on.

Support device fixed.  Pump the wheels and moving on!

Again descended. I can not believe.

The results of five days - not three wheels.

Anyway it's all worth it to see it! Not express in words and photos. Here, as on another planet.

We still we arrive!