Third day. Some accident, but we go!

Today’s report about third day of our journey is not so big. Some accident started from early morning. In the night our Prado is stopped. Almost two hours we return it to live.


Moreover every morning is the same. And «morning» here relativity: all time is Polar day. We are focus by the clock. Wake up, have our breakfast, dismantle the camp and ship all to cars.



When all is shipped, we check wheels and drive it to necessary pressure.

Refuel the cars with the fuel…


In the Antarctic refueling…


And moving on!

We go slowly, but the main - we go. And new little accident - this time broke the shock absorber. We change it, and continue our way.


A little refueling in the road:


In the morning of 8’Th December (by Almaty), we expect to get somewhere to latitudes 76-77


Watch direct reports from route: