Second day of way

After spending the night we went to cross the mountains. Everything went without incident, and in our previous reportage we even laid out his short video on how we went through the mountains. Here it is again:

After the transition we opened flat. The sun came out, the temperature -28, Weather spoils ... To the horizon only snow and ice.

We're here now, you can see on the map. By the way, the tracking system up and running, and you can see our whole route on the map, which is available on our website and in our community on Facebook.

On the Antarctic sun for long and get burnt. Kostya could

Sergey Bodrov also slightly tanned:

On a plain to go faster and more fun

The second day was not without incidents and unexpected stops along the way.

Suddenly, a flat tire one wheel:

Well, there is a spare wheel, and not one.

In addition, after the transition a little mountain blabbed damper on one of the trailers.

Half an hour to repair - and again on the road.

By evening, cold, to -37, and we decided to again make a rest: we are tired.

They put their orange "Antarctic hotel."

Dinner, tea cups here of the Antarctic and to bed.

And finally, a video about how much fun we're going to the Antarctic steppe driving Constantine Orlov.

Watch direct reports from a route: