First standing

Sun don’t’t set down. It moves around us. In the Antarctic light from mid-November to about the beginning of March. All rest time here is high. Cold and wind. To be honest, amazed, as 100 years ago, Amundsen and Scott reached the Pole. What force of will was in people and faith. Seeing all this - we want to pray for them! Moreover, that the British expedition in full is here somewhere ... In the eternal prison of Antarctica...

Small dot in the horizon - it is our firs car. We moved to place of first standing.

The first transition is always difficult to others, precisely because the first one. So we had a halt very soon.

Almost immediately, when we set up a tent, it began to snow.

Around our first camp Antarctic Mountains. Tomorrow we will have to overcome them ...

But they look so futuristic, if you look at them through a ski mask. We never see them more often - long stay in an open space without a mask is dangerous for the eyes. Bright white snow blind and impossible to watch.

Malakhai - the most daring invention in the world of fashion and survival. Today, his head almost to boil for 20 minutes. In this kind of nice, a little wild and at the same time comfortable.

In our orange tent dry, warm, spacious and comfortable.

First of all - cooking dinner: as the saying goes, war is war, and food - on a schedule. Here is our "field kitchen".

Food is a fairly straightforward: grilled sausages...

And Chinese food.

Not long, hot and nutritious. What else you need? And, of course dates - many people ask about them. Here they bite on the road in the car and used as a dessert for lunch and dinner.

After dinner - a retreat. Sleep is important - the powers are spent very quickly, and tomorrow have a very important and difficult day.

And in the morning - there on the pole...

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