Expedition start

Here and we started. On December, 4th at 20:00 across Greenwich we have left hospitable station Novolazarevskaya and hit the road.

At station there was Najzabek – he will go to a way in 9’th


Before a start of motion it is necessary to lower a little a few a wheel: pressure 0,4 - for deep snow just right.


And here we and on a route: time in a way 2,5 hours. Height - of 1069 meters. There are passed 30,32 km. Temperature-23, weather solar, without a wind.

Easy polar dinner: the Antarctic noodles. A glass of water of hot and 305 kilojoules of energy it is provided. Well also warms besides. Water while from a thermos.


Here the first parking. The quiet time appears. We will a little have a rest – and further, in a way …

Tired Kazakhstan travelers sleep. Ahead of 100 km of mountains of Antarctica. Now height of 1670 meters. Temperature -24C


Watch direct repors from a route: