Antarctic bath

Bath erection at station "Novolazarevskaya" (in East Antarctica) has occupied an oasis of Shirmahera, a site of coast of Queen Maud land 43 days, and has been executed by participants of a command «Antarctic Team» from six persons. On December, 20th, 2007 – solemn opening of Russian bath in Antarctica and the first soaring has taken place. According to Sergey Dobrego: «It would be desirable to make something such that isn't present at one foreign station, something because of what foreign polar explorers, living in the comfortable numbers, could envy really to Russian».

According to Vladimir Baranov, the keeper of a bath, the head of polar station "Tonic" 1983-1996: «the Bath in which have enclosed soul, – the structure isn't simple, it is soul of Antarctica».

For today, Russian bath - a unique wooden construction from a bar in Antarctica. Analogs aren't present. The project has been recognized by a world record, has entered into the Book of Records of Russia and is the official nominee in the Guinness Book of Records.

For these two years Russian bath became one of sights of Antarctica. About it write in books and shoot films. She was visited by ministers of many countries, princes and sheikhs, scientific, researchers of the Russian and foreign stations, writers and travelers. In the bath Visitors' book in Antarctica it is written down: «It not simply bath is a pride of Russia». According to one of the Russian polar explorers: «This bath will stay as early as years 150, and all generations of polar explorers will tell thanks».