Last preparation to start

The second day of stay in the Penguins Country (which, incidentally, we have not yet seen) was in the works to prepare for the launch. All that we take with him into the path must be packaged in containers, signed and shipped in three trailers. Trailers until empty, but nothing ... we try.


The most important thing - pack products - by the way, we will fall hardly a supermarket or at least a small stall that we take, then we may eat. So this is the most important stage of preparation.


All signed, so as not to look after the snow that is where:


Of course, canned food - without them?


And the main meal - our national treasure - kazi. With polar Novolazarevskaya him in delight. Kazi we take with us in order to prepare the festive beshbarmak at the pole.


 In addition to food, you need to constantly monitor the performance of communication systems. Therefore, we once again checked and rechecked the setting GPS, radios and all that will connect us with the outside world.


And in the intervals - with the residents continue to meet with Novolazarevskaya. The station-master - Vladimir Kiryanov. As they say - God and king.


According to another in such a harsh impossible. But the House had not king: a study of the station.



A little chat with the local Aboriginal people: the beasts here nepuganoe, but to hunt and eat them is impossible - all in the Red Book.


And nature here simply mesmerizing. These are mirages occur: as a city on the horizon ...


his pair of photographs of the Antarctic sunset.



That's it. Tomorrow start and the next report will be already out of the icy wilderness.

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