First day in Antarctic

Well here we and in Antarctic.

Here hot – -20 C)). At once on an arrival, were engaged in luggage unloading.

First of all, certainly, have unloaded our third machine. It stood around wings, therefore unloading was a little tightened.

Two other machines for a long time already here, and as it seems to us, even were delighted to our arrival.

At once we were engaged in important issues: Najzabek and Kajsar - a label of inscriptions and emblems on cars …

Nurlan, Kostja and Sergey - adjustment of the Internet, the basic communication facility with an external world.

The Internet have adjusted, even with wi-fi. Moreover, have removed and have placed the first video data on YouTube – a test video.

On cars, except the Internet, have hung up also numbers. So it is necessary.

Оrdenbek and Berik calibrated and adjusted devices and the special equipment.

And certainly, meetings, acquaintances to inhabitants of station Novolazarevskaya.

Here in such "boxes" there live polar explorers.

And it is local restaurant

Here motor transport: ours and not ours.
Valentine (the second at the left) – the most dear polar explorer in Antarctic. Behind his shoulders six campaigns on station the East.

And, of course, local people. Penguins yet didn't meet, but one of local residents has come to be curious …

And the sun here the artful: it is possible to receive a solar burn. So it is recommended to cover open places all the same.

In the evening of Kostja, Nurlan and Sergey have visited Volodya Baranov, famous in Antarctica. About him it is necessary to write separately – the unique person!

Works at us much - it is necessary to pack, tighten up, check all once again – even the smallest breakage here can turn back the big troubles. Today we plan to drive on vicinities Novolazarevskaya together with the Chinese polar explorers, and on Sunday – in a way, on a pole.

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