Last day in warm country

The Antarctic weather has slightly corrected our plans: the blizzard and low visibility in airdrome Novolazarevsky have a little detained our departure from warm Cape Town. We haven't failed to use this small delay and have arranged to myself excursion at the end of the earth – on Cape of Kind Hope.

Weather, by the way, here again was not especially solar – but from time to time nevertheless looked through the sun. Spring all the same …


The road is cut down by places directly in rocks

Also lies through the real slums

And it is already solar False Bay. To Continent edge absolutely close.

By the way, road here the paid: 45 rands. It about 800 tenge.

On road have met and have overtaken friendly group of geographers:

And to steam small ostrichs...

Here cape of Kind hope and all our command on the brink of continent:

Here there is the old beacon constructed still in 1857. Inspires respect and desire by all means to photograph it

And it is a card of the End of the earth:

And to us – there. Antarctica which waits for us, there, behind ocean edge …

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