Fresh news about first Kazakh Geographic expedition

Doesn't happen so that all on travel developed well and how it is planned. And our expedition didn't become an exception of this rule: the one and a half hour delay of flight at the airport of Almaty has led to that the next group of participants of expedition was late for change in Abu-Dhabi, and has got to Cape Town only this morning.

Together with this group to Cape Town there has arrived the most important participant - a flag of Kazakhstan which will be established on the South Pole.

In the evening on November, 30th the command takes off for Antarctica on station New Lazarevsky.

All equipment of expedition already in a warehouse at the airport. Other luggage we will bring tomorrow. To a departure to Antarctica there were 58 hours. In Cape Town +24 also there is time to take pleasure in good South African weather.

On approach in Cape Town: mountain Table Mount.

On road from the airport fine kinds open

On the back plan - plane IL-76 on which we will depart to Antarctica. 

It is small restaurant Panama Jack in port.
Cozy also it is tasty.
Here such beast to us have made for a dinner.
Looks appetizing, on taste – it is divine!

Which that for expedition is necessary bay directly on a place.
Here all command in gathering.
Expedition start on December, 3rd. Watch direct repors from a route here, on FB, Vkontakte and in Twitter on hashtag #kazgeo2011