In the Cape Town - 1

There is not so many time before starting first Kazakh South Pole expedition by Kazakh Geographic Society. Last step of preparation passes in the South African Cape Town. Some participants of expedition already are in Cape Town and are engaged in cargo sorting. In some days the others will join them and they together, a special flight, will go on the most southern continent of a planet, on the Russian station «Novolazarevskaya».

Start of expedition - 3’Th of December. Watch to open-air reports about it - here, in Facebook, Vkontakte and in Twitter with #kazgeo2011 hashtag.

And now see the small photo report:

Now by the car of a wheel it is less to enter into a cargo compartment.

We check the navigating equipment.

Here such we have found out our trailer.

Warm things are received...

... Also are shipped in van.

And this is the office of company with transporting cargos to the Antarctic.