Congratulations on your New Year!10.02

Dear friends! Congratulations on your New Year! We wish you happiness and health!

Meet us!09.02

Attention! December 26 (tomorrow) at 06.45 am, arriving at the airport of Astana Kazakhstan expedition participants first to the South Pole! Antarctic explorers encounter!

How to have fun in Antarctica09.02

Waiting for flight to Cape Town, we rest, as we can.

While waiting for the flight home09.02

4600 kilometers of the desert was a white flag of Kazakhstan on the white continent!

Mountains, champagne and malakhai for Uncle Volodya09.02

Previous our report was short - all are tired and do not have the strength to spread the pictures and write something.

Antarctic refueling03.02

Our cars trip would have been impossible without the possibility of fuel to fill the car on the route - it's clear even to children.


Hooray! We returned to the station Novolazarevskaya.

200 kilometers to the house03.02

Good morning Kazakhstan! A special hello to our fans!

Chronicle of returning. 17’Th of December.03.02

Today’s report - just the chronicle of our movement.

Happy holiday! We going though the snowstorm…03.02

Dear friends! Congratulations on your 20th anniversary of the independence of our country!

The Constitution, "Amundsen-Scott," and a way home ...03.02

So we get home. I really wanted to celebrate the Independence of our country at the pole, but, unfortunately, the weather brought about changes in our schedule.

We return home sooner01.02

Dear friends, fans and all of Kazakhstan! December 14 KazGeo expedition planted a flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the South Pole of the Earth

Our flags in the South Pole!01.02

December 14, 2011, in the 100 - year anniversary of the conquest of the Pole flag hoisted the Republic of Kazakhstan at the South Pole of the Earth.

100 years from the opening of South Pole!01.02

Today is the holiday in Antarctic - 100 years from the opening of South Pole!


Today expedition from Kazakhstan arrived to the camp 20 kilometers away from South Pole!

The last jerk01.02

Last kilometers to end of our route

We latitude for 84! Gooooo!01.02

At the pump is strongly delayed. We left at 23:47 Astana time December 10.

83 latitude, and halted again in the battle!31.01

Halt after - planned repairs, etc. - the last before filling the last Pole to throw at the Antarctic fuel depot.

Frost, five days, three wheel lost, but we still we arrive!31.01

After 77 latitude, the adventures of the expedition continued with a vengeance.

77 latitude30.01

77 latitude was passing away! Today’s all cars digging up each other.

Third day. Some accident, but we go!30.01

Today’s report about third day of our journey is not so big.

Second day of way27.01

After spending the night we went to cross the mountains.


After our previous reportage we want to share with you a small collection of short videos.

First standing27.01

Sun don’t’t set down. It moves around us. In the Antarctic light from mid-November to about the beginning of March. All rest time here is high.

Expedition start27.01

Here and we started. On December, 4th at 20:00 across Greenwich we have left hospitable station Novolazarevskaya and hit the road.

Antarctic bath26.01

Bath erection at station "Novolazarevskaya" (in East Antarctica) has occupied an oasis of Shirmahera, a site of coast of Queen Maud land 43 days, and has been executed by participants of a command «Antarctic Team» from six persons.

Last preparation to start26.01

The second day of stay in the Penguins Country (which, incidentally, we have not yet seen) was in the works to prepare for the launch.

First day in Antarctic25.01

Well here we and in Antarctic

We are fly!25.01

This night (on time of Astana, certainly) we at last have reached the airport.

Last day in warm country25.01

The Antarctic weather has slightly corrected our plans: the blizzard and low visibility in airdrome Novolazarevsky have a little detained our departure from warm Cape Town.

Fresh news about first Kazakh Geographic expedition24.01

Doesn't happen so that all on travel developed well and how it is planned

In the Cape Town - 323.01

The next day of preparation, and the next small photoreport from participants of expedition.

In the Cape Town - 223.01

Preparation for sending goes at full speed. This time we got in local supermarkets products for expedition, and prepared all got to sending.

In the Cape Town - 120.01

There is not so many time before starting first Kazakh South Pole expedition by Kazakh Geographic Society. Last step of preparation passes in the South African Cape Town.


We like

First Kazakhstan Automobile Expedition to the South Pole14.06

First Kazakhstan Automobile Expedition to the South Pole

Presentation of the first KazGeo international project14.06

Presentation of the first KazGeo international project

Seals are important Antarctic carnivores15.09

Seals are important Antarctic carnivores. There are six seal species, many of them live offshore on drifting ices.

Icy shell of Antarctic keeps a secret of giant hot lake15.09

What will you feel on coming across news spot saying: “In six months astronauts will land on Mars”? Apparently, you will be afire with euphoria, the same as the whole humanity will. Curiously why newspapers and TV-channels went past the news, which is equivalent to great cosmic achievements. On August, 12 Alexander Danilov, Director of “Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute”, announced: at the beginning of 2011 disclosure of famous relict subglacial lake Vostok in Antarctica will be completed. World science was waiting 35 years for this breakthrough.

Novolazarevskaya Station15.09

Expedition will start at Novolazarevskaya Station, discovered by Valdislav Gerbovich on 18 January 1961.

Expedition cars acceptance in Iceland, 19 August13.09

Four unique Toyota Hilux vehicles made to order in Iceland for the Kazakh expedition are ready for operation. Test-drive on August 2010 proved it.