New KazGeo projects

The underway of a scale project “First Kazakh Expedition to South Pole” hasn’t  prevented KazGeo  from its other  purposes.

Film and culture festival “Kazakhstan: Movie kaleidoscope”
1-7 June 2012, USA, Los-Angeles

KazGeo in association with Helix Films (USA) takes part in organization of this project. This is a unique possibility to show distinctive Kazakh cinema art.

The basic concern of the festival is to strengthen the bonds between the two countries by cinema, music and other forms of art. We open doors to the world of possibilities for our Kazakh filmmakers, and we also expand knowledge horizons about Kazakhstan to the American colleagues.
The festival of 2012 widens its programme by cultural aspects and expositions. The special programme includes following:
  • 7 evenings of movie shows
  • Social programme
  • Films about Kazakh history

The Kazakh Technical Mountaineering Expedition in Central Tyan-Shan
9 July – 17 August, 2012
  1. Leonid Krupa
  2. Roman Shesternin
  3. Timurbek Anarbaev
Also, two mountaineers from Tomsk (Russia) will join the expedition.
The preliminary stage will be hold in Karakol clove (Kyrgyzstan). Following peaks in Ala-Archa clove will be conquered: Semenov-Tyan-Shanskiy, Boks, Baichechekei, Korona the fifth tower, Korona the sixth tower.

The aim of the expedition is to develop Kazakh technical mountaineering and conquering high complexity routes of the Central Tyan-Shan.

Auto expedition “Unknown Kazakhstan” (working title) - August, 2012

This auto expedition is for drivers who want to explore the unique historical places of Kazakhstan.

The aim of the expedition is to popularise history, culture and nature of our country.