First Kazakh Scientific Expedition to South Pole

On the 4-th of December,  2011 specially equipped vehicles (2 Toyota Hilux and 1 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado) started from Novolazarevskaya antarctic station aerodrome.  The expedition reached South Pole on the 14-th of December, 2011; the day when 100 years ago Roald Amundsen conquered the extreme south end of the Earth; and nearly eve of the 20-th anniversary of Kazakhstan independency.

On the route from Novolazarevskaya station to South Pole and back the expedition pulled through 4600 kilometers of dead, white space of Antarctica. Samples of ice, snow, radiation background and air compositions were taken.

All the scientific tasks of the expedition were completed.

Kazakh Geographic Society received Antarctic sample analysis, which is the first own scientific matter.

Joining The Antarctic Treaty System is seen to be expedient by Kazakh Geographic Society. It may give an opportunity to integrate into the world scientific society and take part in exploring Antarctica in ecological, meteorological and other areas of focus. 

Many countries have announced their will to build own antarctic stations, Kazakhstan’s  announcement should lie ahead.
The First Kazakh Scientific Expedition to South Pole line-up:
  1. Abduov Nurlan Kanatovich -  conducter of the expedition
  2. DSc. Mazbaev Ordenbek Blisbekovich
  3. Orlov Konstantin Anatolyevich
  4. Baimagambetov Berik Omarovich
  5. Bodrov Sergey Nikolaevich
  6. Mozzhukhin Vasiliy Aleksandrovich
  7. Eyjolfur Mar Teitsson