Kazakh nationality has passed long path of formation process, participated by numerous tribes and nations, it holds prominent place in the history of Eurasia and belongs to one of the most ancient ethnos. It is the successor of the cultural heritage of all nations which participated in its formation, therefore the Kazakh nation is one of the richest nations within cultural terms. Up to the ХХ century Kazakh culture remained nomadic; nevertheless, for many thousands of years its evolution pathway was as complicated and interesting, as the culture of other nations. Nomadic Kazakhs worked out their own mode of thought and social organization, which represents synthesis of Western and Eastern cognitive forms. This fusion resulted in ultimate development of traditions, customs and ceremonies.

Modern culture of Kazakhstan is the synthesis of all cultural traditions of numerous ethnos, living in peace and interethnic and inter-confessional concord within the territory of our country. Kazakhstan Geographical Society is ready to assist in study and popularization of our unique culture. Field of our interest comprises customs and traditions, arts and literature, every part of rich cultural world of Kazakhstan.