History and Archeology

History is the science, which is in constant development. Above all, history is the discovery of the world, discovery of its past. Successful development of society is impossible without active assistance of its citizens, without a deep understanding of the lessons of history that give strength for dynamic progression, because the present and the future are accomplished on the basis of the past. Famous maxim is not a coincidence: there is no nation without history. The study of historical experience shapes historical consciousness, culture, tradition, continuity of generations. History gives an opportunity to comprehend the scale of present events and contains seeds of the future. This is the basis for human understanding of civilization phenomenon, the dialectics of global modern age issues.

History of the Kazakh people represents vital part of the world history, so study of our history is important in shaping of historical consciousness of youth.

The Kazakhs belong to Turkic peoples; they ranked as the fourth by number and are in the top ten by territory. Ancestors of the Kazakhs are known to the history under various ethnonyms, they made complex historical path. In the long course of their history the Kazakhs made a decent contribution to the world civilization. Today, the historical science of Kazakhstan faces large-scale and important challenges. Is shall give shape to historical consciousness of people and objective positions.

One of the greatest challenges of history is to cultivate Kazakhstan's patriotism. In turn, patriotism shall not be possible without historical consciousness, linking society with its past. This is why impartial study and popularization of history is an important objective of modern age.

In this respect, Kazakhstan Geographical Society realizes the importance of assistance to development of Kazakhstan historical studies and ready for cooperation with all scientific communities, historians, archeologists and ethnographers. 

We are especially interested in popularization of works on formation of Kazakh nationhood, Golden Horde period. We are ready to support any research projects on disclosure of “white spots” in our history and ethnography on the basis of purely scientific and objective approaches.