Kazakhstan has developed extractive and processing industry; growth rate of these sectors showed constant increase in the last five years. We build and commission large industrial facilities, which resulted in increased air pollution and total deterioration of Kazakhstan environment. For many years republic accumulated more than twenty billion tons of waste, one third of them are toxic. Major part of waste is the result of activities in mining and processing industry, emissions of ironworks, petrochemical plants, building materials production. Although major companies and government develop air protection programs, Kazakhstan environment still requires joint efforts of government and society.

Great problem is utilization of associated and natural gas in the course of hydrocarbon production. Gas flaring produces atmospheric emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides and carbon.

Air pollution in the cities of Kazakhstan is largely contributed by vehicular traffic. Poor quality of usable fuel and absence of exhaust gas filters, poor conditions of vehicles, increasing number of vehicles in the cities result in huge emissions of carbon oxides, lead, etc. to the atmosphere. 

Priority pollutants are dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, phenol, lead, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, etc. Each of these substances produces negative impact on health. Presence of several types of contaminants only increases negative impact. This affects immune system and frequently results in oncological diseases.

Conditions of our biological environment affect both citizen of Kazakhstan and unique wild life of our country; this is the great concern of Kazakhstan Geographical Society, which is ready to lend feasible assistance to really efficient projects on examination and improvement of Kazakhstan environment.

Kazakhstan Geographical Society will pay careful attention to everything that may preserve and transmits natural splendor of Kazakhstan to our progenies, improve our environment.