A New Start is Coming Soon

On Friday, 24-th August in Mercur-Auto Conference Hall took place a joint meeting of the Steering Committee and Media Partners of the auto expedition “Kazakhstan Legends” 
Members of  the Steering Committee attended the meeting: Naizabek Olzhabaiuly (chairman), Kanat Akishev general director Mercur-Auto, Ordanbek Mazbayev ScD, professor, Konstantin Mischenko marketing manager Mercur-Auto, and Malik Kushmukhanov head of the Auto expedition mobile press-centre.
As Media Partners 11 journalists and bloggers took part in the meeting, including Sara Mustafina IA “Kazinform”, Aleksey Alekseev and Anton Starozhilov “Za rulem-Kazakhstan” magazine, Evgeniy Momot “Kazakhstan” magazine, Nurgul Zhambylkyzy “Kazakhstan-Zaman” newspaper, Kutmagambet Konysbai “Akyn” newspaper, Bolatbek Mukhtarov “Alash Ainasy” newspaper, Timur Enikeev “Kolesa” newspaper, blogger Svyatoslav Antonov, Vladislav Krikunov idrive.kz, Aleksandr Kerimov and Dina Sabirova auto.lafa.kz. 
Subject of the meeting:
•    Steering Committee and Media Partners Introduction
•    Presentation of the clarified auto expedition route and the schedule
•    Journalists distribution over the route stages and crews
•    Question answers
•    General introducing VW Touareg and VW Amarok
Naizabek Olzhabaiuly the chairman of the Steering Committee in his opening speech made a point that the main aim of the meeting is the personal acquaintanceship between the project management and the journalists. In addition, the speaker thanked Media Partners for the active participation in preparing the auto expedition and expressed confidence that cooperative efforts will lead to fulfilling the project aims. 
In his turn, Kanat Akishev drew participants attention to the project background and focused on the main aim of the expedition which is showing to the Kazakh people beauty and marvel of their motherland.

After that, one of the leading Kazakh Geographers Ordenbek Mazbayev explained in full the characteristics of the expedition route and schedule. Also, he added that for the journalists convenience the route divided into  three equal value stages

During the discussion the journalists distribution it was offered to make an additional questionnaire to expose accurate desires of the Media Partners.

Also, the Committee members answered journalists questions regarding the expedition members outfit, the mobile press-centre technical equipment and a variety of the general questions.
В заключении медиа-партнерам была предоставлена возможность ознакомиться с автомобилями Volkswagen Touareg и Volkswagen Amarok, ведь журналисты должны будут готовы сесть за руль во время экспедиции. По итогам встречи было решено до старта автоэкспедиции еще раз организовать тест-драйв автомобилей пробега для медиа-партнеров.