Young Travelers about the Camp

Today – another small photo report about life of our camp, as well as stories of young travelers about their stay in the camp.


Dyakova Arina, 13 years old, Almaty
Everything is OK. I am really happy. It’s a lot of fun here and a lot of new friends, new experience. Counselors and instructors are very good here. Landscape is very beautiful. A lot of new knowledge. Perhaps I shall persuade my mum to send me here again.

 Erlanova Aisha, 13 years old, Erlanova Savia, 11 years old, Almaty
My sister and me stay in the camp for the first time. It is great that we have chosen “Young traveler”' camp. Here they show us the most beautiful places of Chimbulak, every day we have different games, races, excursions. Meals are very tasty here. Instructors are also very good. It is also useful to do morning exercises every day, we are lazy at home, and here we do it together with instructor Natalia and it is interesting and useful. During our first time it was a little difficult, but now we have already got used. We are very glad and happy with everything.

Kantay Zhjenbek, Semey city
It is very good to live in the camp for me. I have a lot of friends. I like discos, fire and hikes. Counselors and instructors are very nice. I like staying in the camp very much. Good meals. I will come here for the second season, that’s for sure.


Manas. 11 years old, Aktau city
I live in the camp very well because I have many friends and good teachers here. I would stay here for a thousand years. I have learned a lot

Asylkhat Kuantay, 13 years old, Taraz city
Wonderful camp! Everyone is happy, and we are not an exception. Instructors and counselors are good and kind people. A lot of thanks for their patience and understanding. What about the camp. It has all conveniences, good meals and a strict schedule. Thanks to everyone who has organized this camp. It is pleasant for all of us, and we hope it would be even better next season!


We remind: tickets for children to the “Young Traveler” camp can be bought in “Meloman” shop in MEGA-Almaty shopping centre or representatives of the Kazakh Geographical society, by telephone (727) 329-77-92