Photo Exhibition “Where Time Comes From”

From 04.06.2012 to 18.06.2012 Almaty citizens have an opportunity to travel to South and North Poles.

The photo exhibition “Where Time Comes From” will be held in Almaty, Central Exhibition Hall.  More than 100 photographs will be shown at the event. Those works were made during expeditions to South and North Poles and a geographic journey around the Earth on the equator from the Greenwich to 180 meridians.

Unique expeditions to the extreme points of Earth were done in 2005-2007 with the aim of studying brain capacities to operate in extreme conditions and peculiarities of  time perception in different parts of the world. Evdokiya Dmitrievna Luchezarnova (Marchenko) led the group of the research travellers. She created a method of working with time (Rhythmomethod  7P0), astronomer, member of Russian Writers Union. The first woman who has been to both Poles in less than half a year.

In addition, upon the Organisers request Kazakh Geographic Society will expose photographs related to the First Kazakh Expedition to the South Pole.

The opening day will be on the 4-th of June at 18:00 at Central Exhibition Hall, 137 Zheltoksan street, Almaty.

Contact Kattalova Saule Rakhmetullaevna +7 (727) 272 45 28, +7 705 555 83 69