Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool is located 37 km away from Austin, Texas, United States.

The pool has a 15 metres high waterfall; and what makes the pool unusual is that it’s an overground and underground lake at the same time. The pool was created when the limestone dome of an underground river collapsed due to massive erosion thousands of years ago. It’s been a favorite leisure spot for Austin residents .

In the mid-1860s Morgan Hamilton bought the area and it was named after him. But the place would be well-known later, in 1880 when the Reimer family bought the area to raise sheep and cattle.

After a while, 8-year- old Reimer’s son discovered lake in the grotto, his father immediately understood that he can earn a lot more on the pool, than being a farmer.

In 1985 Texas Government purchased the place from the Reimers and it became Hamilton Pool Preserve.

In order to save the nature of the preserve, fishing, setting fire, bringing glass, camping, riding a bike, and pets are prohibited.