Pobiti Kamani. Bulgaria

In 1937 the Stone Forest became the first historical landmark which was officially registered and protected by the Bulgarian government.

This natural phenomena is called The Stone Forest. It’s near the city Devnya, 15 km from Varna and north of Beloslavsky lake. The Stone Forest situates on the area of 70 sq.km.

Not only the place is unique for Bulgaria, but for the whole Europe. The Stone Forest is a part of a sand-and-gravel desert near Varna. The funny shaped stones are built of limy sandstone. Some of them are 6 metres high. The stones are 0,7 to 5.9 metres high and 0,7 to 2,6 metres thick.

Organic or mineral origin are the two main theories of the Stone Forest’s existence. According to the former theory, the stone sticks are part of an old cay, the latter assumes that it was created as a result of some natural  occurences.

The Stone Forest consists of approximately 300 different sized stones. Wholly, they are 810 metres high and 115 metres wide. Some of the stone columns are hollow. The stones are made of light grey limy sandstone rich in carbonate. The unusual shape of the columns is a result of the longstanding natural forces.