Kazakhstan’s Flag on the South Pole

A famous Kazakh sportsman Askhat Karatabanov, a member of the International Expedition made a parachute jump to the South Pole and placed our country’s flag on the world’s peak. The hero will be met today in Almaty Airport, - informs “Bes-Karu” Federation.

Arctic and Antarctic Expeditionary Research Centre “Polyus” on 2-4 April organised International Parachute Expedition to the geographic point of the South Pole. “Bes-Karu” Federation prepared its member A. Karatabanov to take part in the expedition. Askhat is a highly professional parachuter (over 4000 jumps), a paraborne trainer and he also was recommended by the Parachute Sport Federation of the RK.

The flag was handed to Askhat Karatabanov in the Kazakh Embassy in Moscow.

The expedition route was from Moscow to Murmansk, from where the participants were taken to the ice base “Barneo” (100 km from the South Pole) by a plane of EMERCOM of Russia. After adaptation and trainings, the sportsmen took off to the South Pole, where jumped from an altitude of 4500 metres.

Conquered the South Pole, the participants returned to “Barneo” and passing Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen, Norway) came back home.

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