Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills, one of the unique natural phenomena, is located on Bohol island, Philippines.

The Chocolate Hills is a wonderful geological formation consisting of 1268 cone hills on a 50 area. Slopes of the hills are covered with green grass that turns brown in the middle of summer, hence the name.

Mostly concentrated in the central part of Bohol island, the cone-shaped limestone mounds, with heights vary between 30 and 120 metres, are actually natural landscapes.

The scientists  have several hypothesises explaining the hills forming. According to one of them, the hills were formed as a result of a tectonic upraise of coral deposits. The other one assumes that the hills  likewise the whole island are actually an old coral reef which formed under thousands years of rainfall and soil erosion.

Old local legends explain the formation of the hills in their own way. One of them tells a story about a battle between two giants who hurled rocks at each other for several days. After they didn’t find out who was more powerful, they left the island, and the rocks remained there.

The other legend tells a story about a giant Arogo who fell in love with beautiful Aloya. A powerful and kind-hearted giant gave his heart to a simple mortal. After her death he couldn’t stop crying. His tears became these unusual hills.

The national government organised many touristic resorts. The most famous one is named “Chocolate Hills Complex” located in Carmen town.