The Devil’s Bridge (Switzerland)

The Devil’s Bridge (Teufelsbruke) is a historical bridge located in Switzerland.  The Reuss River and the gorge with a 20 m depth are lying under the bridge.

In the XIII century a wooden bridge was built in this place, later in the XVI it’s been duplicated by a stone bridge. The locals, who were the first builders, couldn’t finish the work – water would run down the piles and destroy the bridge.

According to the legend, the locals have made a deal with the Devil, who asked the soul of the first to step over the bridge. The locals got round the evil spirit and let a goat to the bridge. Nowadays, a picture of the goat and the Devil could be seen on the one of the rocks.

In 1799 Russian army under Suvorov’s commander defeated the French on the Devil’s Bridge. French army saw the Russians and started destroying the bridge, but Suvorovs, being under the French fire, got planks from a disassembled shed and covered the holes. Some units with huge losses crossed the bridge and beat the French. The bridge was fixed and the rest of the Russian army crossed it.

In the middle of the XIX century along the bridge a duplicate-bridge was build and later on the legendary bridge collapsed. A contemporary vehicle bridge was build next to the Devil’s Bridge in the middle of the XX century.

That’s how the Devil’s Bridge being reborn in several “generations” came to us. Museum-restaurant and memorials are to be found next to the bridge.