Mysterious lake Kok-kol

There is a mysterious lake in Zhambyl province, Kazakhstan. From time to time the lake might make some strange noises, and sometimes ripple marks may be seen, as if an enormous creature drifts inside.

Many legends exist about this lake. Locals believe that the lake is bottomless. Indeed, when hydrographers were measuring its depth, they couldn’t  find the bottom. But, they have detected many channel ways and guts.

According to scientists, there are caves under the lakes bottom and the lake is connected with them by the guts. This is the most likely speculation, because the lake has its glacial origin,  washouts and channel ways are highly possible. This might explain the hyalin water, despite the fact that nothing flows into and out of the lake.

The other thing that is difficult to explain is that the water on a sudden starts to swirl and make a line of ripple marks, as if a long creature moves under the water. Locals believe that Aidahar – the spirit of water - lives in Kok-kol lake. Some people say that they have seen a giant snake, and even mention its length – around 15 meters. Locals hasten to get water when “the creature sails by”, because it is believed that at this moment the water becomes healthful.

The lake researchers think that the rippling water  might be healing, as a result of the lakes incredible structure. Once in a while water is being drawn into and thrown out of  the subbottom vesicles. That’s where ripple marks and sighs come from. The water from the lakes depth might be mineralised, what explains it’s healing qualities.