Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located near the east coast of Australia. It is the largest sand island in the world of a length of 120 kilometers and a width of 25 kilometers. Over millions of years wind and the sea under the water deposit a giant castle out of sand.

The sea near the island of Fraser is very insidious. For example, in 1935 off the coast of the island was wrecked ocean liner «Moheno». Today suffered ship - one of the main attractions of the island, it is like to be photographed against a rest.

On Fraser Island for more than 40 small lakes. The remains of island plants fossilized in time, forming an impermeable layer, porous-coated sand. The water of lakes, passing through the sand filter, contains absolutely no nutrients. Some lakes are so clean that living organisms can not exist. But, however, precisely because of these lakes, the island is gorgeous vegetation

Thousands of years of streams flowing from the lake, fed by tropical forest vegetation. More than 130 years, the island was made of satin cutting trees. Very high content of turpentine in the form of eucalyptus wood making it unusually strong. Satin trees with Fraser Island were valued around the world are built docks in London, they paved the Suez Canal. In 1992, Fraser Island declared a nature reserve, and the cutting down of trees has stopped

The lakes and streams around the island, sometimes the water breaks the surface in the form of a key, and then goes into the sand. Wind constantly surpasses the sand on the beach, creating new forms of relief.

Fraser Island attracts many tourists with its exceptional beauty, with long white beaches, wildlife and more than a hundred freshwater lakes, which have different shades of color - from blue sky to the color of tea.