Full membership holders

Nurlan Abduov. KazGeo Presidium Chairman.  
Baimagambetov Berik Omarovitch. Participant in the first Kazakh Science expedition to the South Pole. Head of Hydrology Department in KazHydroMet.

Esekin Bulat Kamalbaevitch. Doctoral candidate in Science. International consultant. Special representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan in international programmes.

   Mazbaev Ordenbek Blisbekovitch. Doctor of science in Geography. Participant in the first Kazakh Science Expedition to the South Pole. Professor, Dean of Geography faculty in KazNPU.
Naizabek Olzhabaiuly. KazGeo Presidium Member.   Konstantin Orlov. Head of projects and research programmes.
Sergey Bodrov. Head of projects and research programmes.   Roman Genov. Head of International Projects Branch.
Zhumaev Maksut Sagintaevitch. Alpinist, conqueror of the all existing 14 eight-thousanders in the world. Captain of the National Climbing Team, International Master of Sports, Multiple Champion and the prizewinner of Kazakhstan High Altitude Alpinism Championship. A member of Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  
Boris Sergeevitch Stepanov. Doctor of science in Geography, Professor. One of the leading Kazakh experts in mudflow protection, member of Russian Mudflow Association.